Our team's unparalleled work ethic, consistent high-quality craftsmanship, and respectful attitudes make us the perfect crew to get your job done.



Every team member is focused, safe, and consistent while performing high-quality work.

"Outstanding workmanship, professional demeanor"




We work through every challenge to deliver excellent finished products.

"They always showed up when they said they would; they were hardworking, quiet, courteous and always cleaned things up at the end of the day."




Our team communicates every step of the way so our clients always know what's going on.

"The communication that we received from NorthStar was always prompt, courteous and first rate. All employees were always friendly and highly professional during all interactions and are easily the best contractor firm we have ever used."



Steve and Stevie Leifheit are a father and son duo that founded NorthStar Contracting Services in 2018. Working on home projects together is a Leifheit family tradition. This passion for building, creating, repairing, and restoring led Stevie to dream of a company that could continue this work, but on a much larger scale. NorthStar Contracting Services is this family dream realized.

As NorthStar launched, it was incredibly important to Stevie and Steve to provide a wide variety of services with unparalleled quality, service, and professionalism. Throughout each project, clear expectations are set, a culture of honest talk is established, and experienced team members complete high-quality work to accomplish the client's goals. Down-to-earth and respectful, our company looks after each client. A "job well done" is our goal for every project.


Co-Owner and Operations Manager

Stevie Leifheit

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Meet our team Stevie Leifheit

Stevie is the Co-Owner and Operations Manager of NorthStar Contracting. He has a long history of working for painting and contracting companies. His experience allows him to bring great practical knowledge, skills, and insight to all his projects.

In his free time, Stevie can be found fishing, hiking, snowboarding, and spending time with friends and family. He’s outgoing, friendly, competitive, and always up for a challenge.

Stevie is committed to providing exceptional service through communication, honesty, and hard work. He loves seeing the progression of a project and the satisfaction of a happy customer.

NACE Coating Inspector Level 1-Certified, Cert. No. 68398
SSPC NAVSEA Basic Paint Inspector, Cert. No. 81540
Co-owner & Business Development Manager

Steve (Pops) Leifheit

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Meet our team Steve (Pops) Leifheit

Steve (Pops) is the Co-Owner and Business Development Manager for NorthStar Contracting. Steve brings a strong work ethic, a heart for serving people, practical skills, and experience to the team.

In his spare time, you will find him walking the beach, exploring other towns, and dining at his favorite spots in the area. Friends and family describe Steve as principled, direct, honest, and a man of strong Christian values. He loves his family and spending time with friends.

When NorthStar Contracting heads into a project, Steve looks forward to establishing personal relationships with customers and providing them with a high quality finished product. Steve’s priority is customer satisfaction and he will work hard to make sure the job is done right.

Team Member

Johnny Leifheit

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Meet our team Johnny Leifheit

Johnny Leifheit grew up learning a variety of trades and now uses his practical skills and passion for people to provide excellent service at NorthStar.

Johnny is a proud New England native. He is spontaneous, adventurous, and loves creating new experiences. When not traveling, Johnny enjoys reading (and listening) to books, spending time with friends, eating the cookie part of an oreo, hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Johnny loves the opportunity to work alongside his family while meeting new people and offering quality workmanship to NorthStar’s customers. For Johnny, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing a job well done and happy customer.

Team Member

Matthew Boutet

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Meet our team Matthew Boutet

Matthew Boutet brings experience in renovation projects and hands-on job training to the NorthStar team.

Originally from Hawaii, Matthew now calls Maine his home. Enthusiastic and easy-going, he enjoys hiking, longboarding, and playing video games in his free time. He also possesses the ability to juggle, although we haven’t used that skill on a NorthStar project...yet.

Bringing a project to successful completion is Matthew’s favorite part of working with NorthStar Contracting. He always looks forward to developing intentional and positive relationships with his clients, and loves seeing a high quality finished project.

Team Member

Anthony (Tucker) Richards

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Meet our team Anthony (Tucker) Richards

Anthony Richards began completing professional projects for construction and agricultural companies at 16. Over the years, Anthony has developed a strong set of interpersonal and trade-based skills.

In Anthony’s spare time, you will find him reading fiction, playing music, hiking, or canoeing. Talkative, charming, and fun, his passion for God, family, and music are evident in all he does. If you ever have some free time with Anthony, challenge him to a game of Go Fish—he hasn’t lost a game yet.

Anthony exemplifies NorthStar’s characteristics of being prompt, communicative, and trustworthy throughout projects. He finds the greatest rewards come from completing a project, meeting someone new, and overcoming a challenge.

Team Member

James Labonville

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Meet our team James Labonville

James is an exceptional painter, with 10+ years of experience in the industrial and automotive industries. He now brings his attention to detail, knowledge, and professional skill set to NorthStar’s spray shop.

Caring, helpful, and energetic, James brings liveliness and humor everywhere he goes. When not working at the shop, James builds custom professional gaming computers and fixes anything he can get his hands on.

James loves being part of the team here at NorthStar. His co-workers are like family, and his clients become friends. He always looks forward to providing finishing touches to projects and building long-lasting relationships with clients.


"Their honesty, work ethic, friendliness, appropriate humor, and first rate professionalism is what stood out to me. Also, they have amazing levels of attention to detail. When NorthStar is working for you, they treat the project like it was being done on their own home."



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