Residential Project

Kennenbunk Home

Kennenbunk, MAINE


What We Did

Over the course of a few years, we’ve completed various projects at this home—drywalling, installations, and renovations. We helped finish a basement workshop by adding drywall to the existing frames. We transformed the garage into a clean, dry, usable space by installing insulation and drywall. We also updated the sunroom, installing skylights that not only provided some much needed natural light, but also transformed the room into a warm and welcoming space. Additionally, we divided a large space into two rooms: a bathroom and a utility room. We accomplished this by replacing a half-wall with a full-wall and adding a pocket door. Through each project, we’ve helped this creative client transform and enhance their home into something they’re proud of—one of the best parts of our job.

A Good Word From Our Client

“My experiences with NorthStar have been nothing short of fantastic. Stevie and his crew are professional, talented, and fun. They have been a joy to work for and I will not hesitate to call Stevie for any future work I may undertake.”

Property Owner

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