Residential Project

The Original Home

York County, MAINE


What We Did

This home is a unique part of NorthStar history—it’s the first home we worked on, and the owner still hires us to this day. 

Our first project with this home was interior painting. The interior of the home was originally a neutral taupe color, and some areas were peppered with soot damage from the furnace. The owner chose bright new colors, and we painted the entire interior, bringing vibrancy and personality to each of the rooms. 

After we finished working on the interior of the home, the owner brought us back to work on the exterior. We power-washed the entire house until it looked fresh and bright. While working outside, we also fastened anti-mold stripping along the ridge vent. We then moved on to revitalizing a beautiful two-level deck by power-washing and staining it. We also painted the home’s outside trim and doors, as well as fixed a broken exterior door panel. Whether working on the exterior or interior, we kept a clear line of communication with the homeowner, addressing any issues we found and repairing them to our high standard. The owner was impressed with our thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and precise work. We cherish our relationship with all our clients, and love being called back for a new project.

A Good Word From Our Client

The colors brought new vibrancy and personality to the rooms, the deck looked a thousand percent better, and visitors commented on the improvement of the overall appearance.”


“All the employees were so thorough. When small issues were discovered as they moved along, they would show me, and then repair to a very high standard. Their pricing and accountability were fair and faultless. And above all, they were polite and thoughtful.

Property Owner

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