Residential Project

Woodland Home



What We Did

We’ve had the opportunity to work on various projects primarily on the exterior of this lovely home in southern Maine.

Located on a dirt road with many trees surrounding it, this home easily gets covered in dust, and lichen grows readily on the siding. Our team came and power washed the entire home, making it look fresh, bright, and clean. We also revitalized the deck by power washing, sanding, and painting it. 

Another major project we worked on was the front porch. The porch originally had warped and splintered wood, rotted handrails, disproportionate porch posts, and a small staircase. We completely transformed the space by rebuilding the majority of the porch. We replaced the wood with composite decking materials. Then, we expanded the staircase, added railings and balusters, and wrapped the porch posts. Once we were finished, the new front porch looked modern and contemporary, and—most importantly—it was safe. 

The sunroom was another project our team had the opportunity to work on. The sunroom had rot on the staircase, thresholds, and doorframes. Water had damaged the trim, and the paint was outdated. Our team got to work, removing all of the rot and finding a solution to prevent future rotting. We then tore out the staircase leading to the sunroom and totally rebuilt it to provide a safe and sturdy entrance path. We repaired and replaced the thresholds and door frames, and we scraped, sanded, fixed, and repainted water-damaged areas of the outside trim. Additionally, we painted the ceiling, walls, floor, and interior trim of the sunroom. Finally, we installed gutters on the sunroom roof. This updated airy sunroom is now the owner’s favorite space, providing a wonderful area to entertain family and friends.

A Good Word From Our Client

“NorthStar is focused on doing quality work at a realistic cost. When problems popped up they offered budget friendly solutions.”

“At every interaction the NorthStar team was respectful. At the original meeting they offered to come over even before they were to start work on the house to put a temporary fix on the sun porch stairs to make it safe for us until they were able to replace them.”

Property Owner

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